Invitation to Congress

Nowadays, within the developing process countries have included detailed articles of human rights in their constitution and legislation. This process has started in our country with the signing of Universal Declaration of Human Rihts and after that our individual rights in the field of health has guaranteed in the axis of protection and legislation. Furthermore, the use of the right of the health services also has considered as one of the most important rights simultaneous to the right of to live. The protection of human rights and values in helath services, the right to be informed, acknowledged, privacy and confidentiality, to make decisions nd choices in the course of care and treatment constitute the main framework of patient rights. In this context, patient rights is the most important rights that must be protect for creating healthier environment. Considering the responsibilities and the criminal sanctions to know the concept of patient rights and legal regulations is more important both health personnel and patients.

In addition, since the Patient Rights Regulation came into force, there has been a rapid transition from the paternalistic approach to the patient-centered approach . The biggest mistake that has been accepted in this process was to consider that physician rights opposite to patient rights. To improve the working conditions of health worker is essential for applying patient rights. In other words, the applicability of the rights that patients want to apply for themselves is possible with respect to the rights of health workers. Working in the health field requires an energy and self-control that can cope with all possible problems. It is not easy to take care patients who have different problems.

Shortly, patient employee rights are the most important rights for creating better health environment that must be borne by the healthworkers who work in the feild of pateint and employee services. Considering the importance of the theme and responsibilities and the criminal sanctions to know the concept of patient rights and legal regulations is more important both health personnel and patients. That’s why 9. International Cpngress on Patient and Healthcare Professional’s Rights will be held in the meeting room of Limak Atlantis Resort Hotels Belek –Antalya, between 08-11 November 2017 and the main theme of the congress will be "Rights of Violations of Patients and Health Workers, Solutions and Employee Security ".

Participants in the Congress will be able to listen to conferences on the latest developments in the rights of Patients and Health Worker, violations of rights, solutions and safety,in addition they will get the opportunity to increase their knowledge and experience during listening different oral and poster presentations of scientists and demonstrations of leading organistaion in their own field.

In addition, participiants during the Congress will get the opportunity to debate;

İlluminated Consent , Legal and Scientific Importance,

Patient Rights and Physician Responsibility-Legal Dimension

The Way in The Patient Rights in Turkey in the context of the Transformation on Health

Patient rights from the Human rights Prespective

Health Law

The Rights of Physicians and Other Health Personnel

Medical Errors, Malpractice and Physician Responsibility,

Patient rights Research

The Importance of Patient Education in Patient Awareness on Patient Rights

Confidentiality and Privacy of Health Care,

Private Patient Groups and Patient Rights,

Patient Safety, Patient Rights and International Patient Safety Goals

Patient-Focused Care, Patient Rights in Quality Health Care

Patient Rights from International Perspective,

The Role of Health Politics and Changes on Patients' Rights,

Research in Health Law,

Legal Dimension in Public Health applications

Legal Approach to E-Health Applications,

Legal Evaluation of Alternative and Complementary Medical Applications

Biomedical Ethics Problems and Patient Rights

Organ Transplantation And Medical Ethics,

The Effects of Hospital Ethics Committees on Patient Rights,

Scientific Methods Used in Determining Patient Satisfaction,

Religious Beliefs and Patient Rights

Effective Communication Techniques with Patients,

Patient Rights applications in the World,

Accreditation Standards in Health Services and Patient Rights,

Medical Ethics and Patient Rights,

Health Literacy and Patient Rights,

Genetics, Medical Sciences,Relationships between Health Insurance and Patient Rights,

Patient Rights and Accreditation

Mobbing, Violence to Healthcare Workers, Employee Security


You are invited our precious health care professionals and presenters to participate in the congress actively and share your thoughts and experiences with other colleagues and academics from different part if the world.


Prof. Dr. Seval Akgün

Congress Chair